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Cuba or Dominican Republic
Travel to the Caribbean with Havana Kiteboarding Club.

Travel Packages

Travel to Cuba or Dominican Republic with Havana Kiteboarding Club for your perfect Kiteboarding Holiday. We provide a full service package, including transport on the island, accommodation, food and equipment. Ask us for tips or surf through our Travel Packages below.
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Dominican Republic

Kiteboard in Cabarete

  • Cuba

    Havana Kiteboarding was founded in Cuba by Italian owner Matteo Gatti. Matteo has more than 20 years of watersports experience and can guide you through the secrets of the sport.
  • Havana Kiteboarding Club

    Havana Kiteboarding Club

  • Cabarete

    Cabarete is the latest destinaiton added to Havana Kiteboarding Club Locations. Cabarete is known to be one of the pioneer spots in the world, where kiteboarding grew up.
  • Cuba


    Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and has an impactful history with a particular culture and feeling of going back in time. Try it!
  • Hemingway Knew

    Hemingway Knew

    Author and life adventurer Ernest Hemingway put his name on many walls in Cuba. Follow in his footsteps to discover why.
  • Our Dedicated Staff

    Our Dedicated Staff

    Our staff is dedicated to making your kiteboarding holiday the best time of your life. You know what you like, so tell our friendly staff so they can bring the stoke to you!
  • Friendly Conditions

    Friendly Conditions

    We make sure you ride in a location that feels safe and manageable for you and your level. Tell us what you prefer.
  • Travel With Us

    Travel With Us and focus on kiteboarding every day all day, while we help you get the most out of your watersports vacation.
  • Have Fun

    Have Fun

    Have fun while learning old school and new school tricks with the Havana Kiteboarding instructors.
  • Personal Guided Tours

    Personal Guided Tours

    We offer our guests personal guided tours to amazing watersports locations on the island.
  • Gear Rentals

    Gear Rentals

    Our partner RRD Italia makes sure we can provide the best of rental equipment for your stay.
  • Perfect Locations

    You can kiteboard with Havana Kiteboarding Club in two of the most amazing watersport destinations in the world; Cuba and Dominican Republic.
  • 100% Adrenaline

    If that is what you want... that is what you get. But our trips and resort packages have relaxation features as well, for enjoying your holiday off the water.
  • Stunning Locations

    Stunning Locations

    Cuba is stunning and we get to play in the best of locations on the island.
  • Scenery


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