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Intermediate Course plus Level 2 (7 Hours) INTERMEDIATE COURSE LEVEL 2 + Self- rescue and full pack-down Ride a short distance both direct.. Product #: 0007 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $470.00 $470.00

Intermediate Course plus Level 2 (7 Hours)

Price: $470.00

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Intermediate Course Level 2 +

  • Self- rescue and full pack-down
  • Ride a short distance both direction
  • Know the right of way rules
  • Know equipment set up and choice according to the weather conditions


Tips & tricks for water start kitesurfing

  • Different kinds of power strokes

You can do the power stroke in different ways. A bigger power stroke means you get more power. Smaller power strokes will give you less power. Also the wind speed and the size of your kite have influence on how you should make a power stroke. When your kite is slightly underpowered you may have to make a bigger power stroke in order to gain enough power.

  • Start of with small power strokes

Especially when you just begin water starting, you don’t want too much power as that will pull you over the board. Start off with small strokes to get a feel for how fast you have to steer the kite through the power zone. As soon as you feel comfortable and have control, you can start making bigger strokes.

  • Always get back to your base position

A common mistake when failing to get up on an attempt is to directly try again from the wrong position. Always make sure to get back into your base position with your kite at 12 o’clock and your board parallel to your bar.

To stop slowly steer the kite bar to 12

Remember to not redirect the kite back up too fast, as this will make you jump.

Don’t forget to redirect the kite back to 12

When attempting your first water starts, everything you learned comes together all at once. A common thing we see is people forgetting to bring the kite back up after managing to stand up. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to get three steps dialled in. For example, when starting left: steer left, push the bar out and steer right again.

Don’t pull the bar!!!

For anyone who has ever seen a kitesurfing lesson, you probably know the most used sentence for any kitesurfing instructor is: don’t pull the bar!!! Although a natural reaction, it is crucial to push the bar away a bit after you stand up. Keeping the bar pulled all the way in will make the kite back stall and you will fall back into the water. Try to get this into your system.

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